Consultation Fees

Initial consultation (45 Mins): £150

File Opening/Transfer from previous Solicitors

(Pre-commencement of matter): £250

Immigration Fees

(The following fees are not inclusive of Home Office/Counsel/Court Fees and Disbursement. What determines whether the lower or higher end of the fee will be applied depends on the complexity of the case. Complex cases will attract the higher end of the fee range. Fees include attendance on client and taking preliminary instructions and possibly further attendance for more complex cases; and perusal and collation of supporting documents)

Drafting letters only (invitation, HO covering letters): £250

Completion of application forms only: £400

Human Rights (including Art 8 cases): £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

Discretionary Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

British Citizenship Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

Marriage Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

EEA Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

Student Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant

Settlement Applications: £1,800 – £2,000 per Applicant

Asylum Applications: £1,800 – £2,000 per Applicant

Immigration Bail Applications: £1,500 – £1,800 per Applicant (includes advocacy)

Entry Clearance Applications: £2,000 per Applicant

Immigration Appeals: £2,000 – £2,500 per Applicant

Judicial Review: £3,000 per Applicant

Family Fees

(The following fees are not inclusive of Court/Counsel/Advocacy Fees/Disbursement)

Divorce: £800 – £1,000 (Respondent lower end, Petitioner higher end. Additional applications to Court to progress matter will attract additional fees including court fees).

Injunctions: £1,500 for one-off matters. An hourly rate applies for ongoing matters.

Section 8 Orders: £1,500 for one-off matters. An hourly rate applies for ongoing matters.

Children Matters: £1,500 for one-off matters. An hourly rate applies for ongoing matters.

Ancillary Relief/Financial Remedy: Hourly rates apply.

Hourly Rates (Standard - Fees include attendance on client and taking preliminary instructions)

Principal: £250/hour

Assistant/Associate Solicitors: £185/hour

Caseworker/Trainee Solicitor: £125/£150/hour

Hourly Rates (Unsocialable Hours - time and a half of Standard Hours)

Principal: – £Time and a half/hour

Assistant/Associate Solicitors: – £Time and a half/hour

Caseworker/Trainee Solicitor: – £Time and a half/hour


Certification/Swearing of Documents: £10

Witnessing documents: £30

Statutory declarations: £120

Affidavits: £120

Change of Name Deed: £120

Power of Attorney: £120

Drafting standard/one off letters: £250

Calls/Emails (10 mins calls/ 500 words): 10% of fee earners hourly rate

Review and amendment of documents (up to 4 pages): £250

Advocacy/Administrative Courts (excludes travel/disbursement): £250/hour

Disbursement (excludes matters billed on hourly rate)
Payable by client and includes Home Office/Court/Counsel/Advocacy fees/Travel costs/Postage/ Printing/Collation.

Postage – Judicial Review and Appeals (fixed fee): £50

Postage – Other Matters (fixed fee): £30

Banking charges: At quoted cost

Retrieval from archive: £50

Hourly rate matters: Treated on a stage by stage basis/upon receipt of invoice

VAT Information: Not chargeable as not registered for VAT. However, VAT may be payable to third parties.
Fee Earner/Position: Victoria Ibe, Principal/Sole Practitioner
Qualification: BA – English, LLB – Law
Experience: Post Qualification: 7th year

All fees are correct as of November 2018.
Fees indicated above may include taking full instructions, collating and compiling all supporting documentation, completing application form/s, researching and referencing case law and drafting grounds/representation as appropriate.

For appeals/judicial review/hearings, it may include all of the above plus preparing and drafting witness statements, brief to counsel, collating bundles and dealing with the Home Office, Courts, Barristers, third parties and other stake holders as appropriate.

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