Initial Consultation Fees

Initial consultation (45 Mins): £180

File Opening/Transfer from previous Solicitors

(Pre-commencement of matter): £300

Immigration Fees - Fixed

(Does not include HO/IHS/Biometric/Counsel/Court/Advocacy/Disbursement Fees)

Drafting letters only (invitation, HO covering letters etc.): £375.00

Completion of application forms only: £500

Human Rights Applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

Discretionary Applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

British Citizenship Applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

Marriage applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

EEA/Dependents applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

EU Scheme Applications: £750 per Applicant

Student Applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

Points Based Applications: £1,800 Per Applicant

Settlement Applications: £2,000 Per Applicant

Asylum Applications: £2,000 per Applicant

Immigration Bail Applications: £1,800 (includes advocacy)

Entry Clearance Applications (visitor): £1,800.00 Per Applicant

Entry Clearance Applications (spouse/partner): £2000.00 Per Applicant

Immigration Appeals: £2,500 Per Applicant

Judicial Review: £3,500.00 Per Applicant

TOC/NTL/Administrative Review Applications: £750 per Applicant

BRP replacement Application: £750 per Applicant

What is included and the work involved?

Fees indicated relate to all immigration matters listed above except appeals. It includes taking full instructions, advising you on the most appropriate application to make, collating and compiling all supporting documentation, giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria. We will also consider all supporting evidence provided, assist you in collating other supporting documents as appropriate. We will then complete application forms, carry out researching and referencing case law and drafting grounds/representation as appropriate.

Furthermore, we will advise you about the outcome of the application and explain the conditions of your grant of status where your application is successful. Where your application is refused, we will advise you of any further steps you need to take.

For appeals and judicial review hearings, it includes all services indicated above plus preparing and drafting witness statements, brief to counsel, collating bundles and dealing with the Home Office, Courts, Barristers, third parties and other stake holders as appropriate.


What is not included?

The fees indicated do not include Home Office application fees UK visa fees – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk), immigration health surcharge, biometrics fees, Counsel fees, court fees, advocacy fees and disbursement. Where it is determined that your application is complex and more work has to be done, we may apply additional charges but will discuss and agree this with you beforehand.



Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as visa fees or international postage/photocopying costs, interpreter’s fees, translations, travel costs. We pay the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


Responsibility for your work

Your matter will be primarily dealt with by Ms Victoria Ibe-Bayley who is the Principal of the firm. She has over 10 years post qualification experience in Immigration law and Family law. With broad expertise and a very high success rate, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive and competent service to all immigration clients. Where your matter is being dealt with by an Associate, he/she will be supervised by the Principal. Trainee Solicitors or Paralegals will be supervised by an Associate or the Principal.


Application Processing Times

We make and submit your application within a week once we receive full instructions and all supporting documents. We cannot guarantee the length of time it may take for the Home Office/Immigration Authorities to reach a decision about your application. For Home Office timelines, please click on their link: UK visa fees – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) or for outside the country, click on the following link: Visa processing times: applications outside the UK – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

VAT Information

Not chargeable as not registered for VAT. However, VAT may be payable to third parties.

Family Fees

(Does not include Court/Counsel/Advocacy/Disbursement Fees)

Divorce : £1,000.00 – Petitioner;  £800.00 – Respondent

Injunctions: £1,800 – Non Mol/Occupational Orders From filing application to first hearing only

Hourly Rate – Ongoing Matters

Section 8 Orders: £1,800.00 – One off matters

Hourly Rate – Ongoing Matters

Children Matters: £1,800.00 – From filing application to first hearing only

Hourly Rate – Ongoing Matters

Financial Remedy: Hourly Rates Apply

Hourly Rates (Standard - Fees include attendance on client and taking preliminary instructions)

Principal: £250/hour

Assistant/Associate Solicitors: £185/hour

Caseworker/Trainee Solicitor: £125/£150/hour

Hourly Rates (Unsocialable Hours - time and a half of Standard Hours)

Principal: £Time and a half/hour

Assistant/Associate Solicitors: £Time and a half/hour

Caseworker/Trainee Solicitor: £Time and a half/hour

Certification/Swearing of Documents: £10

Witnessing documents: £30

Statutory declarations: £120

Affidavits: £120

Change of Name Deed: £120

Power of Attorney: £120

Drafting standard/one off letters: £375

Calls/Emails (10 mins calls/ 500 words): 10% of fee earners hourly rate

Review and amendment of documents (up to 4 pages): £375

Advocacy/Administrative Courts (excludes travel/disbursement): £250/hour

Disbursement (excludes matters billed on hourly rate)
Payable by client and includes Home Office/Court/Counsel/Advocacy fees/Travel costs/Postage/ Printing/Collation.

Postage – Judicial Review and Appeals (fixed fee): £50

Postage – Other Matters (fixed fee): £30

Banking charges: At quoted cost

Retrieval from archive: £100

Hourly rate matters: Treated on a stage by stage basis/upon receipt of invoice